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We all have experienced the tiresome and repeated searching when attempting to book the cheapest flights possible to our destination. It is so not easy on how to find cheap airline tickets. By endless search engine and continuous fluctuating prices, the cheap flight airline tickets are really overwhelming. Stop complaining! Along with the massive progress of travelling industry, it has come to find many ways how to find cheap airline tickets with smart tips. Here we provide you some keys and tricks that will save a lot of your time and energy and especially money when booking your coming soon flight.


  1. Always Check Fares Early and Often

Do you ever notice that on average the fare difference between the best day to purchase your airline ticket and the worst is $236? Airline fares change very constantly even often multiple times in a day. That is why time is everything when buying an airline ticket. We strongly recommend you to start checking fares soon as you know that you will be going.

  1. Purchase at the Right Time

Make sure you know best about timing to buy the tickets for saving some serious broken on your pocket for the next trip. Somewhere between three weeks and four months in advance is often being the best time within the year though all bets are off when the time you are traveling for a holiday or other peak time. That is how to find cheap airline tickets during your trip.

  1. Consider Seasonal Holiday

Sometimes the most important factor influencing the price of mostly airline tickets is how full the flight is. Therefore, it becomes so makes sense that doing traveling during peak time such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, summer or spring break would be much more expensive than normal days. If you are going to Europe for example, you might find many best deals during February and March on low season, but in other hand when you go during the summer, you will pay up double on the price

  1. Mix and Match Airlines

It can be a brilliant idea to mix and match the airlines tickets on how to find the cheapest airlines tickets. You might refer to airpaz.com to do mix and match category that will essentially let you to combine two or one fares on the same airlines. Mix and match would be best possible to hand for an itinerary requires travel on one airlines going and another coming back. Just go try this and you would know how useful this step will going on.


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Thailand is known for many of its attraction, starting from its shopping centre to the beauty of the nature. If you are going to Thailand to go to its best beaches, then you will need to know some of the best beaches in Thailand that you have to visit when you are in Thailand. If you do not know where those beaches are, here are some of those best beaches that you can visit in Thailand.


The first one is Ko Kradan. This beach can be considered as the main beach that you can visit in Thailand. Therefore, you cannot expect the kind of quite beach with few visitors only. You will find a lot of people on the beach. Fortunately, the beautiful white sand and the nice coastline will take away all of those busy feelings. The next beach that can be considered as one of the best beaches in Thailand is Koh Kood. This is one of the best places if you love something quite. That is because the beach is from the tiny island with few people living in. Even though the beautiful white sand on the beach can be rocky sometimes, the beauty of the mangrove near the beach is something that you will love. The main problem is that this island is not the kind of tourism site that you can easily visit. Therefore, you will need to get yourself with the wilderness of the area, but not the kind of dangerous wilderness of course.

The third one is Chaweng. This one is considered as one of the best beaches in Thailand because of its sand with the soft golden color. As an addition to that, this beach has been known since the era of 70s. That means, you can expect a lot of people have known this beach in Thailand. For your information, the shades from the palm trees near the beach plus the clean sand are two things that made this beach has a lot of visitors every year. The last one is Mae Nam. This beach can be considered as the twin of Chaweng. That is because the overall look of the beach with the palm tree as the shades are really similar with Chaweng. However, what makes this beach as one of the best beaches in Thailand is the fact that this beach is very quite. You will not find any business in this beach.

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Many people realize that the price of a flight is not cheap. As the result, many of them are trying to learn when to buy airline tickets is. That is because if they know exactly the best time t buy their airline ticket, they might be able to get the cheaper price for the flight ticket. Or else, they might be able to get the better class during their flight. If you also want to experience the same thing, then you will surely need to know when the best time to buy the flight ticket that you need.


The first one is on the holiday season. If you think that holiday season is the worst time to travel because of the number of people travelling, then you are correct. However, if you are thinking about the price of the ticket, then this one is the time when to buy airline tickets. That is because many airlines will give a lot of cheaper tickets just to get their plane full of the customers. As the result, the holiday season such as the Summer Time or New Year and Christmas are the best time to buy your airline ticket. The next one is on the special day of the airline. For example, if you are always taking a flight with airline A, you need to know if they will have some special celebration that will cause the lower cost for the flight ticket. If they do, then it is the best time to buy the ticket for your flight. You should not ask anything else about when to buy airline tickets. This is just the time.

The last one is to wait for some promos and discounts to be offered. This one can be considered as your last resort since this kind of thing is not happening often. As an addition to that, there are also some terms that you need to fulfill if you are going to get the discount or promo from them. Those are some times that you might want to consider if you are asking about the best time to buy the flight ticket that you need. If you really do not mind about the price of the ticket and you are still asking when to buy airline tickets, then the best answer is early in the morning or late at night.  Just make sure that you can still buy the ticket at that time.


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Paris is one among other big cities on earth that is worth visiting if you have time. But sometimes the problem is not the time, but the budget as the expense that you need to stay there can melt your wallet. But you know what? If you are travelers who look for way to enjoy Paris on budget, read on to find some inspiration of how to travel Paris on a budget. You always can start from cheap ticket to reach the destined place, and that is not that difficult as you can get many offers online. However, ensure that choose one with reputation. Then how to spend your money wisely while visiting Paris? Below you will find tips that worth listing of how to travel Paris on a budget.

How to travel Paris on a budget? First, when it comes to place to stay in Paris, rather than hotel that most of them, really is expensive, hostels sound like a great idea to save money. You have two options for hostels room, you can choose dorm-typed hostel room or one that is more private. Obviously, you need to pay more for a private room. Second, if you love museum, you can get free entrance on the first Sunday for each month, and you know what? Most museum in Paris will give you free pass. However, if you are not that lucky to experience free museum, Paris museum pass will do the favor for you. The card gives both free admission to monuments and museums and discounted prices. The good thing about this card is, it comes in few options based on the days you want to use the card like started from 2 days, four days, to six days.

Asking about how to travel Paris on a budget, then third, enjoy the city by foot. Paris is surrounded with exquisite architectural building. And you know what? By walking through the city in some degree you learn something about their culture. Take your time to admire the inside of the building by visiting some churches, it sounds like a great idea. City garden is great destination that is not only free but also gives you with stunning view. How about if you want to go somewhere far? Consider taxi? You better live that very ideas unless you have more money to spend. Pick regional train or bus. Finally, if you travel to Paris in summer, summer festival is a plus.

Several Important Tips of How to Travel Around the World

Travelling around the world is amazing. It is needed to refresh our mind after we got lot of hard work or after we have some busyness with our school. Travelling is not always assumed as an expensive activity, but people can manage their budget for the best travelling ever. This is one of the tips of how to travel around the world.


There are still several tips of how to travel around the world, below. If you think it is necessary enough to plan well your travelling, then the tips might quite help you.

  1. Plan Your Trip as an “Around-the-World” trip. This may be useful for you to listing which transportation you will use to go to the destination places and during in the destination places, and try to look at the price of it. You can use your credit card if it can do some benefits for you. And if you have arrived at your destination, you may take a look for several methods of travel within the country. Take the most cheapest and beneficial for you.
  2. Take a Look for Visa. Some places around the world has its rule that foreigner should have visa to enter the country. Do research before you go, and plan to make a visa if you need to do it, because it can take weeks long to get your visa approved.
  3. Look into Best but Cheapest Lodging. You can ignore that sleeping comfortably may become what you need the most after you got tired to travel to some places. But don’t forget to find the cheaper lodging such as dormitory or hostels. If you can find some cheap hotels, that may become your option too.
  4. Pack Lightly. Just bring whatever you really need for your vacation. If you don’t need your laptop or high technology gadget or any expensive jewelry, you better not to bring it with you.
  5. Buy Cheapest Food. Living like a local will be much interesting and beneficial than travelling like a tourist. Do research to find some restaurant that selling cheap food but with its best quality, or you can go to local supermarkets, bakeries, and general stores.

Well, after you know the tips of how to travel around the world, you may now considering again what you need if you have started a plan to go to some places. Don’t forget to do some research or ask for some people that have had experience in travelling.

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Travelling is awesome! Yes. Moreover, if we can go travelling with our pet. We will feel more cheerful, and also we don’t need to worry of our pet that we left in our house or the condition of it if we entrust it to others. But maybe, there are some rules that you need to be considered. If you go travelling with your cat, do not be careless to things you have to take care. Because sometime, for you there is no trouble but for your cat, even for example, an engine start can be upsetting her.

The House Favourite Operates Machine.

So, how to travel 8 hours with a cat? Let’s take a look on the steps you have to know.

1.Take Time to Get Your Cat Used to being in a Carrier.
You have to train your cat to being used to go out and in the carrier comfortably. Also, work up to taking the cat inside the carrier out to the car and then having shor trips down the road. Every step of this should be gradual.

2.Pack a Travel Bag for Your Cat
You should include a supply of any medication for your cat, enough food, water, bowls, plastic bag, litter scoop, litter, travel-sized litter box, grooming supplies, treats, toys, pet wipes and towels.

3.Keep Your Cat in a Well-Ventilated Carrier
The next step of how to travel 8 hours with a cat is make sure your cat have good ventilation in the carrier. You have to be careful at this, because sometime your cat looks safe and comfortable while in reality she is not. Line the carrier with towel, and pack some extras in case that one gets soiled.

4.Never Leave Your Pet in a Parked Car
Do not ever leave your cat in your car if you want to go out even for a while. Take her with you because the temperature inside the car can skyrocket in seconds, moreover if the weather is hot enough.

5.Feed Your Cat about 4 Hours before Leaving
Make sure your cat has eaten a light meal four hours before you go travelling with her. Take the litter box with you, so you can provide her food during the trip. But don’t feed your cat during the ride because it can upset her stomach.
Going with your pet is not as easy as you think. But if you can provide for her safety place, food, and any treats she needs, your trip with your cat can be more awesome and wonderful. Try to practice the five tips of how to travel 8 hours with a cat above if you want to have a memorable trips with your cat. Good luck!

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Do you like travelling around the world? If yes, you are. Where is the country that you want to visit these recent days? Is it Asia? Is it Philippines? Well, if you want to go travelling to other countries, you better know about the top travel destination in that country that will decide where you want to go. So while having the list of destinations in the country that you want to visit of it will not make you confused where you should go. As well as while you want to travel to Philippines at least you should have to know the top 10 travel destination in the Philippines to ensure that you know where your destination is.

There are top 10 travel destinations in the Philippines that you can opt and visit on the destination that you like most. First, you can visit the Tubbbataha Reef which is located in Sulu Sea. It is protected as the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park and becomes one of the most popular sites for diving. Second, while visiting Manila, you can visit the San Agustin Church which has been survived from seven earthquakes and also two fires over the centuries. Now, it also remains as the oldest stone church ever in the Philippines. Third, if you like challenge like climbing, hiking, and so on, try to visit Mayon Volcano which has significant perfect of symmetrical cone shape. You can do such as climbing, camping, hiking, photography and bird watching. Third, let’s go to Malapascua Island, a small island which is the ideal spot for diving and being the one and only place in the world to see many thresher sharks in a regular basic and also hammerheads and rays.

Fourth, the next destination is Puerto Galera. You can see many best of popular beaches you can visit such as White Sabang, and many beaches for best diving spots. Fifth, the Puerto Princesa Underground River offers a nature lover’s paradise. Sixth, Donsol is the best place to see the whale sharks. Seventh, Chocolate Hills is one of the top tourist attractions which has almost symmetrical and same sized formations of hills. Eight, let’s go to Boracay Island for a cliff diving, motorbiking, parasailing, snorkeling, horse riding, scuba diving and kite surfing. The last is Banaue Rice Terraces to see how beautiful it is! So, it is all the top 10 travel destination in the Philippines you should not miss it!